Intell-Alert Cloud-Hosted Filtering Tools

Posted by Chris Hurley

We’re pleased to announce the availability of additional hosted email and web filtering tools for our Intell-Alert customers. While we’ve had antispam and web filtering tools available in the past, we’re excited to be able to offer these features to our existing clients on an as-needed basis with nothing to buy or maintain on your location.

In addition to being able to filter your incoming email for spam, we’re also able to make sure that incoming emails do not bounce if you experience a temporary internet outage. Our hosted filter simply delivers the emails when your connection comes back up.

Lastly, we are able to store a copy of your email for up to one year if you like so that you can easily recover a lost message from a convenient secure website. While not an email archival solution, this is helpful for non-compliance recovery needs.

Tired of dealing with spam or over-aggressive filters that you can’t control? Ready to get users back to doing the work that you hired them to do? We can help! Just give us a shout!

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