Gadget Giftables: Drivemotion LED Car Sign

d138_drivemocion_ex_series_led_car_signThis month we are featuring this year's must have tech gifts for 2013! We thought this would be fun for the month of December and would love to know if these are on your wishlist too. Although you can't buy any of these products from us, we are including a link at the bottom of the post to make it easier on you to purchase for this month of giving (and receiving!) Happy Holidays!

This little gadget is perfect for the Holiday traveler. Currently, we have very few gestures that can accurately communicate how we're feeling to others on the road. Allow us to review them: Raised hand, open palm, glance in rearview mirror: "Thank you for letting me in." Sweep of hand outward from body: "Go ahead, I'll wait." Hands thrown in the air: "I give up!!" Hands up, shoulders raised, head cocked: "I don't know what to think of this situation." Middle finger extended: "You're #1."

But there are so many things you'd LOVE to say that just aren't easily communicated through gestures, at least not while driving. The Drivemotion affixes to your rear window and is operated by a remote control by the driver's seat. Want to apologize for cutting someone off accidentally? Press a button and the sign says: SORRY. Want to get a tailgating fool off your backside? Press a button and the sign says: BACK OFF. Want to tell the person behind you that you find them attractive and may possibly rear end the person in front of you because you keep staring at your rearview mirror? Press a button and get a smiley face with hearts for eyes. With the Drivemotion's 16 messages and variety of facial expressions, you can tell the world behind you exactly how you feel. Now, keep your eyes on the road!

Purchase it here!

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