What is a vCIO?

What is a vCIO?


A “Chief Information Officer” (CIO) is a leadership position that helps to ensure technology systems, processes and data in an organization are healthy and effectively support the business goals. Many organizations do not have anyone in this position due to cost and other factors.

A “Virtual Chief Information Officer” (vCIO) gives you access to the knowledge, experience and expertise of a CIO without the expense of having this person on staff full-time. Additionally, they typically have a breadth of experience from working with multiple companies in different industries that can give your organization an edge.

While some IT companies apply this label to their internal sales people, the vCIO duties SHOULD go far beyond simply telling you that it is time to replace computers or that you need to upgrade your IT support plan. This is a leadership position that should be providing leadership.

The vCIO brings high level information technology and security experience along with a deep understanding of business management to help you make sure that you are properly leveraging technology to reduce risk, plan for the future and ultimately meet your business goals.

These objectives are impossible to accomplish without understanding your business, which often means having a deeper conversation than you might normally expect. A typical IT technician or sales representative will not generally have the experience or time to handle this conversation in the manner it deserves.

Who needs a vCIO?

In modern times, all organizations use technology to deliver their products and services to their clients. Unfortunately, technology is often treated as a necessary evil: ignored until it breaks or fails to meet the needs of the organization creating lost productivity, unexpected costs, blown commitments and overall chaos. Buying more technology isn’t always the right answer- especially if you’re buying the wrong technology at the wrong time.

There is a better way.

A vCIO can help you to ensure that your technology systems and processes are in alignment with the goals of the organization. Planning and strategy helps to eliminate surprises, support growth and reduce risk throughout the organization.

Since the vCIO is a leadership position, this individual can see the total technology picture from a high level and help your management make better decisions and better and more efficiently leverage technology.

How do I access my vCIO?

Easy! Just call Chris Hurley or Pete Rittwage at 706-722-2024 (CSRA) or 803-563-6363 (Columbia) and we’ll set up a convenient time to meet or call to begin the process.

As part of your partnership with Intellisystems, you can take advantage of our vCIO services to help make sure that your business is properly leveraging technology to reduce risk, support business goals and plan for the future.