How We Work

With our IT support and computer network services, we leverage technology to increase our clients' profitability and productivity, instead of being a constant problem that costs them time and money.

Technology has two faces: it can give rise to a more profitable, efficient, and successful organization, or it can be a nuisance exhausting your resources. For this reason, businesses throughout the Augusta, Aiken, and Columbia areas depend on our expertise in the installation and computer network technology support that runs their businesses.

IntelliSystems vows to:

  • Spend the time necessary to consider your business requirements, needs, and budget to deliver the best possible IT support.
  • Prevent disasters resulting in potential down time and data loss instead of reactively stomping out flames.
  • Deliver products and services that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

At IntelliSystems, our goal is to get Information Technology out of your way so that you can focus on your business. We do this by proactively managing your IT infrastructure rather than simply “fighting fires” after they have already interrupted your business.

We help you to prevent disasters rather than simply dealing with them after they occur so that you can make IT decisions that make sense for your business.

Things That We Do Better:

  • We Promise to Respond in Sixty Minutes or Less. For critical problems we strive to begin working on a resolution immediately, but we guarantee to have a technician working on most problems within 60 minutes or less of your call. This is our standard procedure.
  • Prompt Repair. Why wait all day for your computer to be repaired? Your IT computer network is important to you, so in many cases we are able to offer remote network IT support services to resolve problems, but if circumstances require, we can respond onsite as well.
  • We Talk Like You Do. If you have any problems or computer support questions, you can ask and we will answer in PLAIN ENGLISH. You will not be made to feel uncomfortable by our team of IT support experts with unfamiliar technical jargon. Our technicians are trained to have the ‘heart of a teacher’ and will take time to answer your questions, explain everything in simple terms, and tell you what they did (if you want to know!)
  • 100% Satisfaction – We Guarantee It. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our IT services that we have a 90 day “Money Back/Cancel the Contract” guarantee.
  • We Answer Our Phones Live. We answer our phones live from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with limited live availability 30 minutes before and after, and we offer clients emergency after-hours service including weekends. Why? Because many of the CEOs and executives we support work outside normal hours and find it to be the most productive time they have. If they cannot access their computer network AND can’t get hold of anyone to help them, it’s incredibly frustrating.
  • All Projects Completed According to Schedule AND Budget – Guaranteed. As your trusted IT consultant and service provider, we won’t surprise you with unexpected charges like some incompetent or unethical technicians will. You have our guarantee that each IT consulting project will be completed ON TIME and within BUDGET.
  • A Guaranteed Accurate Invoice. We guarantee every bill to be detailed and accurate. You pre-approve all IT management services charges and will be billed accordingly and you’ll never be surprised.
  • We Are Proactive in Helping Your Business Grow. We conduct periodic review meetings with our clients to look for new ways to help improve their operations, lower costs, increase efficiencies and resolve any problems that may be arising. Our goal with these meetings is to help our clients be more profitable, efficient and competitive. We understand that it’s in our interest to help our clients’ businesses grow.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance. In this litigious society we live in, you better make sure whomever you hire is adequately insured with both errors and omissions insurance AND workers compensation – and don’t be shy about asking to see their latest insurance policies!