June 3rd marks IntelliSystems’ 28th anniversary!

June 3rd marks IntelliSystems’ 28th anniversary!


IntelliSystems was founded on a defined vision to bring innovative technology to local businesses with unparalleled client service and prioritizing customer productivity needs. IntelliSystems realized early that it is the people behind technology that fuel innovation and empower businesses to succeed. This “People First” philosophy helped IntelliSystems become a business leader in managed IT, cybersecurity, structured cabling, and communications in Georgia and South Carolina.

Founded by Kevin Wade in 1993, IntelliSystems was on the cutting edge of helping local business owners see the potential of computing. Kevin and his business partners helped many businesses set up their first computers and networks. This early work was straightforward computer and telecom setup and repair services. IntelliSystems was a small, dedicated team. They had no wrapped vehicles or corner offices. "We worked hard, often, and wore many hats. On any given day, I was CEO, technician, marketing, sales, accounting, and HR" said Kevin Wade, CEO of IntelliSystems. The early days of IntelliSystems were humble. Kevin’s first office was in his dining room. He knew exactly how much in sales he needed every week to pay his employees and put food on the table for his family. Despite the hardship of long days and late nights, those early years were full of excitement and growth. The IntelliSystems team gained experience, honed their skills, and learned what was needed to be successful, “I learned success is all about people. You have to have the right team behind you, and you need to put your customers in front of your business goals,” said Kevin.

IntelliSystems’ “People First” philosophy is at the heart of everything they do. Putting the best interest of their clients and team members at the center of business decision-making has helped IntelliSystems maintain an impressive rate of customer and employee retention, “We have team members who have been with IntelliSystems for over 20 years, and clients who have been with us even longer. This consistency demonstrates not only the trust clients have in our engineers, but also demonstrates how we have been able to evolve and meet the changing needs of clients over the years.” says IntelliSystems Vice President, Chris Hurley.

Chris has been with IntelliSystems for twenty-five years. He works with the engineering team and leads IntelliSystems’ IT and Cybersecurity division. “Business technology is no longer just about plugging in a computer. The boom in technology innovation, cloud-computing, as-a-service products, cybersecurity, and cyber-crime has turned technology into both a blessing and a curse for business owners,” continues Chris, who has seen firsthand how business owners can be affected by both the good and the bad in technology. “Innovation has become critical to business success. Unfortunately, every new technical innovation introduces a host of new cybersecurity risks that need to be mitigated at the system and the user level”, says Chris. Setting up networks, servers, workstations, and communication systems, is not just about connecting cables, hardware, and data. You need to know how the business works and what is important to the employees. You need to understand how employees work in order to build a technology solution that will be productive and secure for the end-users.

Today, many businesses need a consistent line of communication with a professional to stay on top of service, maintenance, hardware lifecycle management, next-gen tech, communications, cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and strategy. In other words, business owners need more than a computer repair tech. They need a business technology partner who listens and understands that people are both behind and in front of the technology used. It takes a skilled engineer to configure and secure a business network. Those are things that can be trained. We impress upon our engineers to recognize the importance of the end-users. “Our team members must demonstrate a willingness to help people. That is something you cannot train people to do. It has to be in their nature,” says Kevin. At IntelliSystems, it’s people that make technology better, not the other way around.