Virtual CIO Services

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO or Virtual CIO) is an independent agent, who serves in a leadership role within an organization. At IntelliSystems, we provide clients a dedicated and experienced Virtual CIO, who is a step above a traditional technical advisor. We work with our clients to gain a complete view of their business goals, budget, and current IT systems.

What Our Virtual CIO Does


Analyze your IT program

The first step our Virtual CIO takes is to review all your current hardware, applications, systems, protocols, and business procedures. This step will provide you with a birds-eye view of the current state of your IT infrastructure.


Assist with Strategic Planning

The difference between traditional technical advisory services and our Virtual CIO consulting services is that we work with you to build an IT system that meets today’s needs but will also align with your company’s specific vision and unique goals. Strategic planning can provide a technical road map to identify opportunities to advance IT hardware and systems when it is most beneficial.


Target Next-Gen Tech

Our eyes are on the future of technology. We understand and follow industry technology trends and we can present and explain these changes and analyze their impact on your business. This will help you invest in the right technology at the right time, to achieve the best ROI for your tech investment.


Work with Leadership

A vCIO isn’t just a person at the end of a tech support line. We can work within your leadership. We can be part of your C-Suite. We are prepared to work with business owners, a board of directors, and steering committees to bring a technical perspective to your business strategy.

If you don’t currently have a vCIO in place, contact us about this untapped resource.

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