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Our approach

We believe thoroughly understanding your business and long-term goals is the key to developing effective technology strategies.

Our clients work with a dedicated, professional vCIO, who seeks to understand their business challenges and goals better than an IT technician or salesperson can.

We take a deep dive into how your business currently uses technology by reviewing your systems, software, network, security, procedures, and more. We document the critical people and processes so that we can help you understand areas of business risk and opportunity.

As an IntelliSystems Client, you will have a dedicated vCIO with a background in
technology and risk management, information security, and business operations.
Armed with a thorough understanding of your situation, they will help you with
recommendations that not only meet today’s needs but your
long-term goals as well – while minimizing business risk.

Our eyes are always on the future of technology and its applications in business. We
follow the trends so that you don’t have to, presenting and explaining the changes
and their impact on your business. This helps ensure that you invest in the right
technology at the right time while avoiding fads, gimmicks, and nonsense.

While the support desk role is important for handling day-to-day hiccups, your
vCIO has a higher level view of your landscape, adding technology strategy and
risk management capabilities to your executive leadership team. This person
takes input from other operational areas (including support) and filters them
through a business case perspective. Business shouldn’t support technology.
Technology should support the business strategy.

Our process



Our on-boarding team will conduct a thorough assessment that will create a clear picture of your current technology environment and usage, including details that are creating business risk.



Your vCIO will meet with you to discuss the findings and to help you craft the initial marching orders that will ultimately begin aligning technology with your business goals.



It’s time to implement! Our team will begin to work on the mission that we built with your help while also monitoring your systems to make sure that everything is updated, secure, and optimized. The process then repeats to help keep things updated and moving in the right direction.

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