Cybersecurity Awareness Training

More than half of cybersecurity lapses are caused by unintentional human error. The best way to overcome the human risk factor in cybersecurity is with regular recurring cybersecurity awareness training for employees.

Whether your employees are in the office, connecting from home or another remote location, we can help protect your business by keeping them trained on the latest  threats in cybercrime.

Even A Great Employee Can Be A Cybersecurity Risk

The majority of cyber attacks target and exploit network users. For businesses, this means hackers are targeting your employees. Professional hackers know that it is far easier to manipulate employees into granting them network access than breaking through a firewall. Every day, employees are receiving phishing emails containing ransomware, malware, and social engineering attempts.

Cybersecurity awareness training is a critical program for every business. Our training educates employees on critical cyber awareness and phishing training, making them the best defense against a cyberattack.

Recurring CyberSecurity Training

Many employers provide one-time cybersecurity training for new hires. One training session is not enough to provide the long-term comprehensive skills your staff needs to stay protected against evolving cyberthreats.

Cybersecurity awareness training is most effective when delivered in small chunks over time on an ongoing basis. Recurring skill reinforcement helps employees remember critical procedures and responses when faced with real-world security threats. Our training program schedules short informative video-based online training with skill tests and management reporting.


CyberSecurity is Everyone's Responsibility

Every network user has the responsibility to protect your business and your data. Our training program conducts staggered phishing simulations to test applied cybersecurity skills outside the training sessions. This testing is the only way to definitively know if training is working and where training is needed.

No business wants to be the victim of a cyberattacks. No employee wants to be the weak link in your cybersecurity. Our training program is designed to you protect both your business and your employees.

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  • img-recurring-online-awarenessRecurring Online Awareness
  • img-700-computer-based-training700+ (and growing!) Computer-Based Training modules for all roles and industries
  • img-immediately-deliverImmediately deliver training to end-users who fall victim to phishing simulations
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