Business VoIP Service

Outdated Phone System Sinking Your Profits?

That hard-wired phone system in your office closet seemed like a good idea for managing calls and extensions when you started your business. But unseen legacy phone system costs can be scary and can drown your profitability.

Look below the surface


Advantages of Elevate Business VoIP Service over traditional office phone systems


How Our Business VoIP Service Works

Don’t Stay Tied to An Aging Phone System

The architecture of many conventional phone systems dates back to a time when the smartphone was science fiction.

You can’t afford to miss sales or lose customers because they can’t communicate with you how and when they like. Download this white paper to learn all the ways your on-premises business phone system is shackling your business.

Whether it’s costly, unreliable, not mobile-friendly, or too complicated, your legacy on-premises phone system holds your business back. Upgrade to business VoIP service today!

Make the move to Business VoIP Service


We make switching to the cloud easy

Our 3-phase migration process gets you up and running in days, not weeks, and your account representative helps you throughout the onboarding process.


  • Confirms your order
  • Verifies your IP infrastructure & network are optimized for our service
  • Schedules account setup appointment


  • Sets up Auto Attendant
  • Familiarizes you with service and features
  • Sets up and tests phones Answers any questions


  • Ensures everything works correctly
  • Verifies all phone numbers have ported
  • Confirms you are completely comfortable with your new service