IntelliSystems Co-Managed IT Solution

Co-Managed IT service, from IntelliSystems is a collaborative blend of your internal IT supported by our IT and cybersecurity professionals.

Many businesses with less than 100 employees get by with just one or two IT managers who are most often IT generalists. Generalists are good employees to have on your team, but often they lack the specialized knowledge for more complex IT needs. Small IT departments can quickly become overwhelmed when projects get complicated and marginal IT issues begin to compound. Daily issues can get in the way of important projects and infrastructure. Over time your IT manager becomes under-resourced and over-leveraged creating problems that affect productivity and security.

Those problems often look like this:

  • An overload of daily tickets and emergencies
  • Too much time is needed for application support leaving projects and infrastructure under-prioritized.
  • Automation tools are too expensive and complex to implement.
  • An accumulation of technology and security “debt”.
  • Modernization is deprioritized or simply doesn’t happen.
  • Your IT manager can’t take PTO because no one can cover their workload.
  • You are losing quality IT managers to companies that have invested more in technology and cybersecurity.

The best employees will fail if they don’t have the resources to succeed. You can add valuable resources and support to your IT team with a Co-Managed IT Solution from IntelliSystems.

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What Co-Managed IT from IntelliSystems Gives Your Business

Access to IT and Cybersecurity Specialists
Additional help-desk support
Collaboration of subject matter experts that can accelerate project management.
Advanced Tools and Programs
Network Support

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How Does Co-Managed IT work?

The IntelliSystems co-managed IT approach pairs your internal IT manager or team with our IT and cybersecurity team. We evaluate you need, skills, and priorities to divide responsibilities based on time, skillset, tools, and short and long-term goals. Equipping your internal team with additional hands, resources, and expertise saves time and money, especially on complex projects.

Co-Managed IT Example 1

This approach frees your internal IT manager to focus on large-scale projects and IT strategy to support your business development goals.

We can handle the daily tasks such as,

  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Patches
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network Errors, etc.

Co-Managed IT Example 2

With IntelliSystems Co-Managed IT, your business has access to IT and cybersecurity experts. Our engineers have world-renowned certifications. They have a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries. The Co-Managed IT approach gives you access to experts who can understand your business goals and translate them into a technology strategy of best practices and innovative solutions.

  • vCIO Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Cybersecurity Overview and Advanced Capabilities
  • Data and Network Protection, etc.

Enhanced Cybersecurity against Cybercrime with Co-Managed IT

Cybercrime is a constant growing and significant threat to small and medium-sized businesses. The National Small Business Association found that half of all small businesses have been victims for cybercrime. More than half of those businesses reported being victimized multiple times. Small and Medium-sized businesses remain susceptible to cybercrime because they often lack the talent or investment in cybersecurity.

Businesses are doing more online than ever. Employees are working in the cloud. Businesses are using SAAS for many core operations and using 3rd party cloud storage for critical data. Co-Managed IT support can help you establish comprehensive policies and procedures for cybersecurity. Our on-going support will help you enforce those policies and procedures and remediate cyber risk. You have access to advanced tools most businesses can afford on their own. Enhanced cybersecurity with Co-Managed IT support gives your business a fighting chance against cybercrime.

Can I Afford Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT customizes service and support for your business. Cost is based on use and need. What you get is much more than you might expect. The cost of doing nothing is what you can’t afford.

  • Helpdesk and Emergency Support
  • Afterhours Support
  • Network Security
  • SIEM and SOC solutions
  • Data Protection
  • Application and Vendor Management
  • IT Consulting
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • And Much More.

Most businesses can’t align the tools and solutions we bring to the table because of the cost and the skill necessary to use them. Co-Managed IT delivers robust IT and cybersecurity to every business.

How Do I Get Started with Co-Managed IT?

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