Co-Managed IT Support for a New Workforce

Co-Managed IT Support for a New Workforce


This is the second blog installment on Co-Managed IT by IntelliSystems. As we discussed previously, most businesses take one of three approaches to IT and cybersecurity.

  1. Outsource all of IT
  2. Have an internal IT guy
  3. Nothing, we don’t need IT

If you’re doing number 3, please see options 1 or 2. You’re putting your business at risk.

For everyone else, there is a fourth option, co-managed IT services. When we first wrote about co-managed IT, back in 2019, it was somewhat a niche fit for certain types of business structures. 

Over the last year, more businesses are turning to co-managed IT and cybersecurity because of the flexibility and enhanced cybersecurity it provides.

Flexible Co-Managed IT

The traditional outsourced IT model was developed in the late 1990s. How things have changed since then. In the last 20 years, IT management has grown in complexity and scope with products and services such as Infrastructure as a service, software as a service, cloud hosting, remote working, data virtualization, AI, etc. Businesses are relying on technology for nearly all daily operations, communications, and business continuity. As the scope of business IT grows, so do the demands on the traditional IT team. These demands have been the driving force toward co-managed IT.

With a co-managed IT approach, an internal IT manager or team collaborates with the out-sourced team to divide responsibilities based on time, skillset, tools, priorities, and short and long-term goals. Equipping your internal team with additional hands, resources, and expertise saves time and money, especially on complex projects.

Many businesses with less than 100 employees get by with just one or two IT managers who are most often IT generalists. These are great employees to have. But eventually, your IT generalist is going to need a specialist.

A quality MSP will have multiple team members who specialize in several areas from data backup and recovery, cybersecurity, data virtualization, network architecture, industry regulations, project management, and more.

Project Management with Co-Managed IT

Projects tend to be thorns for smaller IT departments. They are time-consuming, multi-faceted, and often require coordinating multiple partners and systems. Smaller IT departments can quickly become overwhelmed when projects get complicated and marginal IT issues begin to compound. Daily issues can get in the way and stall projects because your IT manager is under-resourced and over-leveraged. Business leaders need to understand the complexity of IT strategy and cybersecurity in today’s modern infrastructure. Giving your IT manager an additional team of experts will boost productivity, helping your organization meets its goals for growth while taking appropriate measures to resist a rapidly rising tide of cybercrime events.

Co-Managed Cybersecurity Fights Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a constant growing and significant threat to small and medium-sized businesses. During the last half of 2020, McAfee registered 588 cyberattacks per minute. Cybercrime affects every business. Laws and regulations have been enacted to mandate proper cybersecurity for certain industries and types of data and data usage. Data breaches can devastate a local business. It can ruin your business reputation, and in some cases, put you out of business. Partnering with IntelliSystems will give you access to skilled certified engineers who will strengthen your business with a robust cybersecurity strategy. With a co-managed partnership, your business gains access to tools, protections, skilled engineers, and experts who know how to keep your business safe from cyber threats and crime.

Cybercrime has become the fastest growing crime in the world targeting businesses of all sizes, industries, and locations. Many businesses rely on hosting services and software subscriptions. The flexibility and agility this provides business allows for growth and continuity. However, it also introduces a new set of the cybersecurity vulnerability. Insufficient cybersecurity controls and monitoring in hardware, the network connects, data storage and server connections can increase risk. Failing to back up data stored in a cloud environment, can increase the risk of data loss. As businesses stack more technology solutions for onsite and remote workers, security becomes increasingly complex. Understanding the nuances, limitations, and requirements for multiple systems across a broad network of IT infrastructure requires specialized training and experience.

Co-Managed IT and cybersecurity services give your business stability and security across the broad spectrum of network and data infrastructures. IntelliSystems can support your internal IT staff to better serve your team, your company, and your customers.