Alert: Your Plant Needs Water

Posted by Kevin Wade

Imagine receiving an email when a load of laundry is completed, or a text message when a child opens the cookie jar one too many times.

Such notifications have become possible thanks to a host of start-ups that are adding intelligence and communications capability to objects and appliances, giving them many attributes of computers and smartphones.

HP seems to be showing its age.

Posted by Kevin Wade

HP to Lay Off 27,000 Workers by End of 2014 –

HP has not participated in the new technology trend represented by tablets, smartphones and apps forcing layoffs in their services business and flat or declining sales in PCs, printers, and servers.

HP CEO Names Strategy Chief

Posted by Kevin Wade

Hewlett Packard named a new chief strategy officer to oversee some of its Internet and software efforts as the company works to retool management in the first year of Meg Whitman’s leadership.

HP said Bill Veghte, who spent two decades at Microsoft and helped launch Windows 7, will lead its cloud and webOS mobile operating system initiatives as part of his new role.