Cybersecurity Threats Affect Your Organization

Organizations of any industry and size face unprecedented Cybersecurity threats. If you have systems and data that are important to you, your clients or your ability to conduct day-to-day operations, you have assets that are valuable to an attacker. Cyber Attacks are not simply about stealing data, though that is a major concern for many organizations. Often they are also about stealing your ability to conduct business or stealing access to your information system resources.

Cybersecurity is bigger than a subscription

Organizations can no longer feel secure with a firewall and antivirus. These foundational components are still appropriate but by themselves fall far short of what is necessary for modern Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is part of a broader risk management conversation involving the identification of business assets, their inter-dependencies and value to the entire business, its operations and its customers. Improperly applied or configured tools that fail to protect hidden assets or that are compromised by unknown inter-dependencies miss the mark and compromise the entire defense mission.

With a well-designed cybersecurity program from IntelliSystems, your business receives:

  • Preventive defenses that protect your assets and data from attacks.
  • Detective systems that can identify unknown intruders and active attacks.
  • Reactive capabilities that can eject attackers and re-secure your systems.
  • Ongoing Security Awareness Training for your employees.
  • Recovery ability that can restore data and systems.

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