Employee Cyber Awareness Training

Your employees are the weakest link in your cybersecurity defenses.

The majority of digital attacks target and exploit network users, your employees. Professional hackers know that is far easier to manipulate employees into granting them access to your network by tricking them into doing something they shouldn't do than trying to break through your firewall. That’s why they will target employees first with ransomware, spear phishing, malware, and social engineering. No business data is safe from this threat. Ongoing Cybersecurity awareness training can help beef up the last line of defense: your employees.

Security Awareness is not a "one and done" task.

Security Awareness Training is most effective when delivered in small chunks over time on an ongoing basis. Just as employees tend to forget what they learned at an industry seminar if they don't use it and get periodic refreshers, Security Awareness Training is not something that works as a one-off. Ongoing reinforcement helps employees to remember the right behavior when faced with security threats that pop up in the middle of their day.

Employees think that security is someone else's responsibility.

With ongoing education, your employees learn that security is everyone's responsibility and how to make sure that they aren't the weakest link. When employees know that you are monitoring to see who will click on phishing emails, they try hard not to be "that person."

IntelliSystems Security Awareness Training integrates phishing simulation and ongoing employee education in one platform to engage and motivate all learners to care about security and improve their security hygiene. Through monitoring, you can see who the problem users are that are putting your network most at risk.

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