Cindy Wilkinson

The majority of the time when we call IntelliSystems with a ‘technical challenge’ someone immediately accesses the offending computer remotely and resolves the issue, or begins the resolution process! In our business if our computer is not functioning, we cannot work and service our clients and it is critical to have quick response time. Every individual at IntelliSystems is responsive and thorough and they ALWAYS follow-up to be sure issues are completely resolved and stay that way.

The biggest benefits we’ve received since hiring them are rapid hardware and software problem resolution, anticipation of technical issues before problems arise, monitoring operations of our server and backing up data, and the cost structure for maintenance is never a surprise- one monthly charge for service handled over phone vs. per call or time charge.

If you are on the fence about hiring IntelliSystems - Do it! The responsibility for reliable computer services is shifted to IntelliSystems so we can focus on our business! One computer disaster will cost you FAR more in cash, time and integrity than what you will pay IntelliSystems.

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