Stay Compliant with Tailored IT Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Integration of complex computer systems within a single network demands a support partner who understands the specific needs and specialized software of insurance agencies. IntelliSystems focuses on providing flexible and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of insurance companies whether you're looking for increased security, greater efficiency, or a more streamlined business experience. With the ever changing complexities of the insurance industry, now more than ever, agencies need reliable secure networks that are accessible when they’re most needed. IntelliSystems understands these priorities and has solutions designed accordingly. We’ve had clients in this industry since 1993, and these clients depend on us to make their IT infrastructure a reliable tool for achieving their business goals, while controlling costs, securing their data, and further empowering their staff to perform. Through our managed services programs, we can assist insurance providers and leverage technology with:

Compliant Data Management

  • Email archival and access
  • SAS 70 approved encrypted Data storage

Sales Force Mobility

  • Anywhere remote network access
  • Voicemail to email
  • Remote support

Agency Management System

  • Maintain uptime and connection to cloud based applications
  • Seamlessly integrate into office operations

Document Management

  • Adopt digital work flows and document distribution
  • Reduce file storage costs and environmental footprint

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We like that when we have a problem, we can call and a live person answers the phone that goes out of their way to fix any IT problems that we may have. The biggest benefit that we have received since hiring IntelliSystems is the attention, whereas before we had to wait in line for the one person that we shared. If someone were on the fence about hiring them, we would tell them about the quick service that we receive and if it needs immediate onsite attention, they get here the same day. They have the patience and are good about explaining things to us that we want to know

Lisa McDaniel

MAI Risk Advisors