If you’re in the market for some new equipment for your office – now is the right time to purchase!

Thanks to the tax deduction titled “Section 179 election” (see for additional details), the Federal Government allows you to buy up to $500,000 in machinery, computers, software, office furniture, vehicles or other tangible goods and take the full expense deduction in the current year, thereby REDUCING your taxable income on your current year’s tax […]

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Forget Something?

A while back I did a huge favor for someone and never heard anything from them… Zip, zilch, nada, nothing. Just a simple “thank you” would have been nice…but they acted as if it was expected of me. To say that I was disappointed is putting it mildly.

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Real Leadership is Power with People (Not Over Them)

Everything we accomplish happens not just because of our efforts but also through the efforts of others. The biggest difference between people who manage others versus people who lead others is how they develop those under them. As all leaders know, untitled or not, leadership is power with people, not power over people.

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How To Avoid Runaway IT Projects That Empty Your Wallet

In 2002, McDonald’s decided to implement a system to provide their corporate executives with a bird’s-eye view of their 30,000 stores, to track, measure and monitor everything from profitability to cooking-oil quality. The project, named “Innovate,” was a massive five-year project with a billion-dollar budget.

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Structure Capital Purchases Now to Ensure Year End Tax Deductions

IntelliSystems CEO and Serotta Maddocks Evans, CPAs Issue Joint Alert to Encourage Local Businesses and Professional Practices to Get a Head Start You hear it wherever you go every year at this time; in fact, you’ve probably said something similar yourself: “Where’d this year go so quickly?” “I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas!” “This […]

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5 Tools to Better Manage Your Inbox

In 2013, over 100 billion business e-mails were sent every day. According to the Radicati Group, that number is expected to exceed 132 billion e-mails per day by 2017. That means approximately 100 e-mails hit your in-box per day. No wonder it’s so hard to keep your in-box relatively clean.

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