The Dark Web

The Dark Web will go down as the IoT buzz word for 2019. But, do you know what the Dark Web is? The name may sound mysterious and provocative, but the Dark Web is simply where illegal and illicit activity goes digital. The Dark Web first gained attention in 2013 when the FBI shut down […]

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Start with a fresh session or browser window

You’d like to access the company website or a site for one of your vendors from work. When you click on your favorite browser, it opens to your homepage:,,,… You get the point. You then select the bookmark for the desired website and go.

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Bookmark the LEGITIMATE websites you frequently visit

Here’s a sneaky trick used by many hackers: they purchase and set up a fraudulent website that is a close misspelling of a legitimate one. Example: instead of All you have to do is accidentally fat-finger ONE letter in the URL and up pops a very legitimate-looking fake copy of the site you […]

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If this type of alert pops up, DON’T click on it!

You’re working at your computer when all of the sudden – BAM! – you get a pop-up notification that your PC is infected with a virus and you must “click here” to run a scan or install antivirus software. This is a common scareware tactic used by hackers to get you to click and download […]

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3 ways to improve your company’s website

How’s your website doing? For a lot of business owners, the answer is simply up and running. While having a website is a good start, it must also be appealing to visitors. A poorly designed website can drive away both potential and current customers who don’t want to be associated with a brand that doesn’t […]

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How to Unlock the Secrets Hiding in Your Website Report

Website reports such as Google Analytics can tell you a LOT about the visitors to your website if you know how to read them. Here’s a quick lesson on how to decipher those reports… Hits vs. Unique Visitors It’s been said that “hits” is short for “How Idiots Track Sales.

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