Your Office Misses You!

We are halfway through 2020 and most businesses still have not returned to normal operations. Employees are scattered between home and the office. Many businesses have chosen to keep their employees remote indefinitely, in what is viewed as a progressive move toward a modern business networking environment.

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What do cybercriminals want?

Every week we encounter a business owner, executive, or manager who confidently states that they do not need to worry about cybersecurity because, “We don’t have anything a hacker would want.” This statement is baffling to us because what most hackers ultimately want is not data – They want money!

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Understanding the basics of information security

Information Security is a complex topic that impacts everyone in some way or another. To help cut through some of the noise and to help you understand the basics of “infosec”, let’s begin at the beginning. Confidential Data Most people understand at some level that the confidentiality of sensitive information is a key concern of […]

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What Is Co-Managed IT Service and How Does It Fit My Business?

A common misconception among business owners is that there are only two options for IT management; internal staff or an external IT managed-service provider. For the most part, those are the two most common scenarios. Lately, we are seeing more and more businesses of all sizes combining IT staff with an external IT contractor.

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Your copier is spying on you…

Modern business equipment has radically changed how we conduct everyday business. Do you realize that copiers and multifunction printers are also one of the leading causes of data breaches? They are the one device on the network that commonly does not ever have the default password changed.

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