#throwbackthursday…. A Social Engineer’s Dream

Social engineering is big business. What is it? Figuring out who you are and then using that information to make money off of it. People list password challenge and identity verification publicly or at least freely on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and feeds without giving it a second thought.

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5 Ways to Spot a Social Engineering Attack

“I’m not going to make payroll – we’re going to close our doors as a result  of the fraud.” Unfortunately, that statement is becoming more common among smaller businesses, according to Mitchell Thompson, head of an FBI financial cybercrimes task force in New York.

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How to fight back against ‘rant’ sites

While ‘rant’ sites are not new, for many small and medium-sized business owners, the words found here from unsatisfied customer can sting. Of course the hurt from words pales in comparison to the damage done to your organization’s online reputation. For businesses with a limited online presence, these ‘rant’ sites can even turn up on […]

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How to respond to criticism online

The majority of the population uses the Internet everyday. And when a customer feels they’ve been wronged, it is incredibly easy for him or her to go online and vent their frustrations. So when this happens, how do you handle it? Here are some tips as to how to react to negative brand criticism, so […]

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Six Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. Unfortunately, your LinkedIn profile may not be helping you to create those connections. So let’s tune yours up with six simple steps: Step 1. Revisit your goals.

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Broken Hearts and Stolen Data

While many people buy their significant other a box of decadent chocolates, a dozen red roses or an oversized teddy bear for Valentine’s Day, there are a few people who are going to go home with a broken heart as their personal information is stolen right from under them.

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