The keys to a successful Office 365 migration

Microsoft Office 365 is growing in popularity as more and more businesses make the move to the cloud. However, without proper planning and testing beforehand, you could get stuck in the middle of the migration process, end up with duplicated data, or even have to abort the transition completely. Needless to say, all of these […]

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SkyDrive Pro in Office 365

Does your business communicate mostly through email? Sending attachments and updating files has a new meaning with SkyDrive Pro in Office 365.

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Free Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Software For Non-Profits

As part of its “Technology For Good” program, Microsoft has recently announced that it is giving away Microsoft Office 365 software licenses for free to qualified nonprofit organizations. Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based software solution that allows users to run office applications, e-mail, calendars, video conferencing and more all through the web.

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