June 3rd marks IntelliSystems’ 28th anniversary!

IntelliSystems was founded on a defined vision to bring innovative technology to local businesses with unparalleled client service and prioritizing customer productivity needs. IntelliSystems realized early that it is the people behind technology that fuel innovation and empower businesses to succeed.

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CMMC Certification is Coming. Is Your Business Prepared?

If your company is not taking cybersecurity seriously you could be locking yourself out of government contracts. In 2020, The US Department of Defense introduced the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). CMMC established a framework to assess DoD contractors for cybersecurity compliance before they qualify for government contracts.

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Using Technology to Protect Speech Privacy

When you look around your office building, what do you see? Probably a series of private offices along the wall and cubicles taking up most of the center open space. Somewhere there will be a conference room or two. In a lot of modern offices, you will probably see communal worktables, open rafters, no fluorescent […]

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