The Cutter of Cloud Computing

Posted by Kevin Wade

Cloud computing – It seems like we hear that term every time a business technology news item, commercial, or seminar pops up. Cloud computing has become one of the most frequently mentioned but rarely understood new technology terms to come our way in recent times.

Comprehensive email archiving now available

Posted by Chris Hurley

IntelliSystems is pleased to add Barracuda Message Archiver to our portfolio of solutions. This product creates a searchable archive of all emails in and out of the company. The archive can be used to retrieved old emails needed for compliance reasons or simply to reduce the burden on your Exchange Server by storing attachments on a separate piece of equipment.

Reminding myself about why we do what we do

Posted by Chris Hurley

Sometimes things happen that remind me of why we do things the way that we do… Recently, we’ve been speaking with a potential client (“The Organization”) who has been working with one of our competitors but having some concerns about response time.

IntelliSystems is now a Barracuda Partner.

Posted by Chris Hurley

IntelliSystems is now partnered with Barracuda Networks. We are pleased to offer their line of network security devices to our clients. Interested in protecting your network or keeping your users working on business-related work? Contact Us!

Intell-Alert Cloud-Hosted Filtering Tools

Posted by Chris Hurley

We’re pleased to announce the availability of additional hosted email and web filtering tools for our Intell-Alert customers. While we’ve had antispam and web filtering tools available in the past, we’re excited to be able to offer these features to our existing clients on an as-needed basis with nothing to buy or maintain on your location.