Security Is the Top Concern in the Cloud

Posted by Susan
In an InformationWeek Cloud Security and Risk Survey, 27% of respondents say they have no plans to use public cloud services. Of those respondents, 48% say their primary reason for not doing so is due to security concerns such as leaks of customer and proprietary data.

Important Information for Windows XP Users

Posted by Susan

Now that Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft has announced his retirement, there are some additional retirement dates coming up in the next 7 months for Microsoft software that could severely impact your business’ ability to safely continue to operate.

7 Secrets To Finding Relevant Information Online

Posted by Susan

Do you ever run into a virtual wall when searching for information on the Internet? With billions of websites online, finding good, relevant information online can sometimes be akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But take heart! Here are 7 little-known secrets that will help you find what you are looking for in no time at all!

1. Use the “Advanced Search” tool

Almost all search engines have an “advanced search” tool that will provide you with more options for filtering information and websites.

Get a Free Web and Email Usage Audit

Posted by Kevin Wade
No Harm in a Little Personal Web Surfing and E-mailing at Work?

Staggering When You Look At These Alarming Statistics:

Another Monday morning and you look over your office of busy employees hard at work on their computers.

Alert: Your Plant Needs Water

Posted by Kevin Wade

Imagine receiving an email when a load of laundry is completed, or a text message when a child opens the cookie jar one too many times.

Such notifications have become possible thanks to a host of start-ups that are adding intelligence and communications capability to objects and appliances, giving them many attributes of computers and smartphones.

IntelliSystems becomes US Affiliate Partner for Digium Products

Posted by Peter Rittwage

For years, IntelliSystems has deployed Digium products and software where it was a good fit for our clients. Recently, we made it official and became a US Affiliate.

Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, created, owns and is the innovative force behind Asterisk, the most widely used open source telephony software.

"Apple Certified Associate" attained by IntelliSystems Engineers

Posted by Kevin Wade

IntelliSystems has two engineers who have obtained the Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration designation from Apple.

We have always had a degree of expertise supporting Apple products, but we wanted to meet the certification benchmarks to make sure we could confidently support clients with either Mac only or mixed Mac and Windows network environments.